Cardiologist Questions Kidney Diseases

Could kidney disease cause cardiac issues?

My father is suffering from kidney failure and has been on dialysis for the past 2 months. The doctors are suggesting that his kidney disease could also have implications on the functioning of his heart. Can kidney disease really trigger cardiac issues in a person?

4 Answers

Yes, it can as renal failure can alter coagulation systems which can lead to heart disease. The answer is yes.
Yes, in two ways:
1) There is an increased risk of coronary atheroma with chronic kidney failure, which could cause angina or a heart attack (myocardial infarct). This can nowadays be assessed with a high-resolution coronary CT-angiogram if there are suspicious symptoms especially declining exercise capacity;
2) Upsets in the blood chemistry, most likely during dialysis, can cause unstable heart rhythms.
Patients with kidney disease have calcified arteries and kidney disease is a major risk factor for heart disease.