Chiropractor Questions Sciatica

Could my lower back pain and hip pain be caused by my sciatic nerve?

I have lower back and hip pain, and it hurts to sit or stand. The pain is shooting down my right leg. Could it be caused by my sciatic nerve?

7 Answers

That sounds like it could be that sciatic nerve. I would get evaluated by your chiropractor to start talking options on how to heal that.
It is the other way around
If this pain is truly coming from the sciatic nerve, not only can it shoot down the right leg and hip. The left leg and hip may be soon to follow. Do not let a small problem become a really big one. Get help today! Please schedule an appointment.
Definitely. Irritation of the sciatic nerve is more commonly caused by vertebral misalignment of the lower lumbar spine and/or pelvic region, specifically the sacroiliac joint. The fixations and lack of normal mobility in these areas also cause increased and constant muscle tension especially to the piriformis muscle (i.e., piriformis syndrome). This will also irritate the sciatic nerve. Medications in this situation only aid in reducing symptoms for a short time. To address the cause of the problem, see a chiropractor.
Yes this sounds very much like sciatic nerve pain. I recommend getting an examination from a Chiropractor and getting an MRI of your low back to check for disc related symptoms.
Lower back pain and hip pain is quite often correlated with the sciatic nerve. But, a extensive Chiropractic exam with diagnostic imaging is needed to verify this.