Addiction Psychiatrist Questions Alcoholism

How should I counsel my husband to stop drinking alcohol?

My husband is an alcoholic, and I want him to stop drinking alcohol so badly. It's tearing our marriage apart. How should I help him?

3 Answers

Take care of yourself first. Go to Alanon meeting and seek help to learn how you can best intervene without driving yourself crazy trying to control his behavior.
Its not your responsibility to control his behavior. Treatment is available and possible for him and you may need help to be able to intervene successfully with him. talk to your doctor or his doctor about your concerns. Treatment for alcohol use disorder can be very successful.
Best thing you can do is go to AlAnon meetings where you will get some education and learn how to manage your own feelings, etc. such as anger, guilt, Best thing you can do for your husband its suggest help, counselor, doctor but he may or may not be receptive to your advice.
Your initial concern is the first step, try to avoid anger and frustration.
I would strongly urge him to discuss with his primary care physician or a qualified addiction medicine specialist. Treatment options are available. One method of finding a specialist is to call your local or state medical association, or search websites like “find a top doc”
Also, I suggest you remember to do some self care. One of the available community resources for family members of an alcoholic dependent person is Al-Anon. You can find locations and time for Al-Anon meetings on the internet or check your local phone book.
Serenity- Courage- Wisdom; Doc S