Gastroenterologist Questions Crohn's Disease

Crohn's disease and Lupus

My 18 year old daughter is diagnosed with Crohn's disease and lupus runs in the family. Is it possible to have lupus, too, or are patients with Crohn's more likely to get it? What tests are needed to see?

Female | 18 years old
Complaint duration: May 14,2018

3 Answers

Crohn's is a specific disease of the bowel. Some have positive antinucoear antibodies. Some lupus patients have bowel disease. Most times, the blood tests are very helpful. Ask for an AVISE test to be done.
Crohn’s and SLE are separate diseases but both may be autoimmune in origin. You can have both but not predisposed
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She needs a complete GI evaluation, including, but not limited to GI endoscopy and biopsy.