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I just got a crown fit on my teeth but it hurts a lot. Does it require re-treatment?

I got a crown fit on my teeth but ever since the treatment last week it hurts a lot. Does it require another treatment?

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It probably needs to be adjusted.
Have your dentist check to see if your bite is off or a bit high. This is usually the number one reason for crown discomfort. If there was originally a crack in the tooth, it is not uncommon that your tooth may need a root canal procedure if the crack ran deep and close to the nerve canal.
You need to schedule an appointment to see your dentist. The problem could be occlusion ( the bite) or it could be pulpitis ( inflammation of the pulp in that tooth)
Yes, and it could be as simple as adjusting your bite. Return to your dentist for evaluation.
It depends sometimes if the crown is too high it comes in contact with tooth first as compared to all other tooth then crown needs to be adjusted. Or if there was a previous filing too close to nerve or if you fracture tooth because of which you got the crown. Sometimes the fracture or cavity may progress to the nerve of tooth and give you pain which may need root canal treatment.
Hypersensitivity is relatively normal following either a filling or a crown appointment, and should go away over time. If you didn't have sensitivity until after you got your final crown (after the temporary), then it's possible that the crown is hitting too hard on the opposing tooth. Go back to the dentist to get the bite checked if that is the case.
It may just need adjustment. Definitely make an appointment to see the dentist who placed the crown for you so he or she can check it to make sure everything is ok with it.
You should return to your practitioner. It may require an adjustment and possibly treatment.
I would go back to your dentist. It shouldn’t give you pain. The bite may be high, so go back; that’s the best way.
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You may need to have a new crown fitted or you may need a root canal or bite adjustment. You should wait 1 week if possible and then contact your dentist to let them know how you are feeling. On the other hand, if you are feeling like your bite is awkward (like your teeth are not coming together properly), then let your doctor know right away because you may need a bite adjustment. Sensation after having a crown placed is normal, but we need to find out what type of sensitivity and why, so follow-up visits are needed.

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You need to check the note, it might be high so go back to your dentist.

You need to have the tooth checked and evaluated again. Sometimes it's as simple as a bite adjustment.

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Sometimes a root canal treatment is required on teeth that have crowns. Check with your Dentist, you may need a root canal in addition to the crown. Other things to look at will be if the crown is seating a little high, which in that case a simple adjustment will take care of the problem. I hope that helps.
This is very definitely an uncomfortable feeling. Galvanism is the electric charge that is given off between two dissimilar metals. There is supposed to be an insulative veneer varnish that separates an old filling that may be underneath a crown that was not deemed it necessary to remove when the crown was placed. This is setting up a shock wave that does diminish over 10 if you can make it with Sensodyne toothpaste and trying to chew on the other side of your mouth so as not to traumatize the tooth which is already sensitive. Also avoid extreme temperatures of foods and drink or redirect them away from the crown to give it a few days to sort of abate and with each passing day the symptoms should subside. Time will heal this wound most likely. If in a week or 10 days it is not a memory then there may be something pathologic going on with the nerve of the tooth that was not addressed before recommending the crown which is a nightmare in diagnosis on the part of the dentist. The last the last possible alternative is there root canal they have to be done in order to make the symptoms subside in which the dentist would have to drill through a perfectly new crown and remove the affected root canal of the tooth and nerve itself. Of course and xray that was done prior to the recommendation of placement of the crown should have yielded any possible symptoms of infection and this would be avoided. At any rate time will heal this or the infection will become sole in bearable it will be obvious that another procedure needs to be done to address it.
Possibly. It may need retreat. It may calm down over time or worsen and warrant a root canal. Time and symptoms will help determine future treatment, if needed.
No, the most common problem is incorrect bite (a crown is too high). This can easily be adjusted. If this is not the case, root canal therapy can be done if there is a nerve damage due to previous fracture or decay.
The nerve of the tooth is irritated and may calm down. If not, a root canal may be needed. Wait awhile and see if it feels better. If not, reevaluate for possible RCT.
Sounds like it requires something! Your bite may be off and a simple adjustment may resolve your issue. The nerve inside of the tooth my have been traumatized, and it will either resolve on its own, or possibly need root canal treatment. Definitely call to see your dentist ASAP because the longer you wait, the more potential damage can be done. You should not be having pain as a result of placing a new crown. You need to be seen for a proper diagnosis to be made.
Sometimes pain after a crown is seated can be caused by the crown having a high occlusion. The dentist may need to just simply adjust it a bit. If the pain persists, the tooth may require a root canal which can usually be done through the existing crown and a filling placed where the hole is made in the crown.
Sometimes the cement can irritate the nerve, especially on deep cavities. This can last from days to weeks..
It most likely needs to be adjusted. Many dentists place crowns without bothering to check the bite carefully. You should return to your dentist and make sure that your crown and bite feels perfect before leaving the office.
Crown are restorations for significantly broken down teeth Some of those teeth have pulpal (internal dental soft tissue) problems that may require root canal therapy. Some times just a crown being too high in occlusion(too tall, not fitting with opposing teeth) can make them very uncomfortable and need adjustment. Either way you should call your dentist and discuss your symptoms so an evaluation can be done and a diagnosis of your condition and discuss prop. Dr. Grimmer treatment
No, the crown itself is probably fine. The bite may be off and need adjusting. If after perfection of the bite, the tooth still hurts, then the tooth my require further attention.