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Is it okay if my daughter missed certain milestones?

My daughter is 5 months old and has not rolled over. She has not started crawling on the floor. Is it okay if she has missed certain milestones?

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Does she hold her head without the caregiver's support? I would wait 6 months of age & evaluate her & send her for studies. In her history, was she a full-term baby? Was there any maternal history of trauma, viral illness? Family Hx of developmental or congenital diseases could be contributing to this.
It’s too early
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There is a lot of variation. It is okay, a fat child might not crawl altogether.
She should not be crawling yet but she should be rolling over both ways. Are you holding her all the time? Is her muscle tone normal? She needs to be checked to see if there is a reason for the delay.
Gee it sounds a little premature to say she has missed her milestones. I would be surprised if she were crawling. It's a little behind for not rolling over but it's also important what else she's doing. Take her to her doctor!