Periodontist Questions Dental Implants

Why are my dental implants hurting my gums?

I recently got my dental implants fixed and it is hurting my gums. Is it temporary or should I speak to my periodontist?

8 Answers

If you are having discomfort, you should contact your periodontist for evaluation.
You should speak to your periodontist as soon as possible. The implant crown may need to be adjusted. Also, the dental cement which is used to cement the implant crown may have extruded and lodged below the gum, which could cause an infection. In any case, if your gums are hurting and not getting better each day, see your periodontist.
It depends on how long you have been hurting and what the reasons are behind the pain. There could be several. The best plan is to see your restorative dentist first, as there may be a cement, allergy, or other reason that would cause the pain, so check with them first, followed if no resolution by seeing your periodontist.
You should go see your periodontist and speak with him.
If it persists beyond a week, you should speak to a periodontist
Pain around dental implants is abnormal and should be addressed by a periodontist. 
There are many possible causes. Best to see your Periodontist immediately.

John U. Choi, DDS, PhD