Psychiatrist Questions Antidepressants

How often is depression treated without anti depressants?

My daughter has depressed episodes that last months at a time and we have now started out treatment for her. Can her condition be treated with anti depressants?

6 Answers

The best result could be achieved with combination of appropriate medications and psychotherapy
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Medication and not just antidepressants may be very useful as is psychotherapy
In the case of recurrent episodes of depression, it is advisable to stay on antidepressant medications on a maintenance regimen and maybe even consider a mood stabilizer medication like depakote, lamotrigine, lithium or quetiapine.
If the severity of depression impairs your ability to function, yes, you need treatment. This does not have to be treatment with medication.
Therapy can be helpful, more with mild to moderate depression. Severe depression usually requires medication.