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Can diabetes cause weight loss?

My husband has been diagnosed with diabetes 3 months ago and he has lost 20 pounds since then. What should we do?

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In poorly controlled diabetes the insulin supply which regulates the proper utilization of nutrients involved in growth is deficient. Food ingredients that normally would serve to grow tissue and give us strength are wasted, usually lost in the urine. The cellular machinery that serves to process the sugar , protein and fat from our diet malfunctions without adequate insulin in the mix. Patients lose weight and strength. Brain function is affected and people's concentration, memory and mood suffer. Insulin supply should be restored either by administering insulin or by prescribing medication that improves the body's insulin production and insulin activity. Weight gain will result. Care must be exercised because too much insulin can promote obesity.
Uncontrolled diabetics with very elevated blood sugars lose sugar in the urine; this leads to weight loss. Weight loss is one of the primary symptoms of type one diabetes or very poorly controlled type two diabetes. The major symptoms in these patients are excessive urination, excessive thirst associated with weight loss, and fatigue. When the diabetes becomes controlled, the patients gain weight.
Generally, weight loss from diabetes occurs when someone’s sugars are extremely high, or if they were startled on certain diabetes medications that also help with weight loss. Both of these need to be discussed with the endocrinologist. If his weight continues to drop with normalization of sugars and no change in medications, other causes of weight loss should be investigated (particularly thyroid and adrenal causes).
Yes, uncontrolled diabetes( persistent high blood glucose levels)can cause weight loss. If your husband has improved the control of his diabetes the persistent weight loss indicates he may have another medical problem causing both the diabetes and the weight loss. Your husband should consult his physician as soon as possible if his blood glucoses are now in better control as some malignancies(cancers)are the cause of both diabetes and persistent weight loss.
Treat diabetes and change dietary habits for the entire family.
Yes, diabetes can cause wt. loss. Several medications we use today to treat diabetes can also cause wt. loss. Without information on what type of diabetes he has & what medicine he is taking, I cannot give you an answer as to why he is losing or whether this is good or bad. In general, for type 2 diabetes, wt. loss is desired and part of the treatment plan. Thus, loss of 20 lbs is a good thing if your husband was overwt. If this was the case, don't worry. Celebrate!