Cardiologist Questions Chest Pain

Does a diabetic patient need to visit a cardiologist for carrying out a complete check-up?

Lately my father-in-law has been showing signs related to a heart problem where he starts to feel dizzy. There is pain in the chest region and many more symptoms. He is also a diabetic patient. Is it time to visit the cardiologist for getting a complete check-up of the heart?

3 Answers

Diabetes can cause damage to blood vessels and heart, esp. when it is present for a long period of time. If your father-in-law is experiencing symptoms, he should visit a cardiologist as soon as possible to make sure his heart is in good shape and the blood vessels are not getting blockage, etc.
It would certainly be wise to have a check with a cardiologist. Cardiac disease is a significant risk in diabetes so frequent cardiac checks are a good idea. So YES it is time to see the cardiologist & get a good checkup.
Yes, especially if the person has been diabetic for some time and if the patient has other diseases on top of DM. Now we have new meds that help control blood sugar and help the heart by decreasing the risk of having cardiovascular diseases.