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Did my dental x-rays harm my baby? (first trimester)

I went to the dentist and forgot to let them know I'm 2 months pregnant. I got routine dental x-rays done. They put the standard cover on me but nothing extra over my stomach. Will my baby be ok? Is there anything I can do?

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The x-ray exposure is very minimal and would require many x-rays to cause an Greco. However, it is important to be causious and to use a shield. Please discuss with your OB.
It is not recommended to be exposed to X-ray when you're pregnant and particularly in the first 3 months
Surprised neither of you remembered! It is said usually if anything is so detrimental will cause miscarriage. But to your ob
The standard lead apron is designed to protect your entire torso including the ovaries and uterus. Also, the amount of radiation exposure from one Xray is minimal and unlikely to cause any damage.
You should see your obstetrician and advise him or her of the incident. They may want to do additional testing.
There should not be an issue with the x-rays. It takes several (like hundres) of unshielded chest x-rays to cause an issue for your pregnancy
Thank you for the question. I understand your  concern. I would appreciate more information from you but in the light of  the question as it  stands, the answer is unlikely. However, all or most dental facilities once they are aware of any pregnancy, regardless of which trimester, the x-ray is done under a LEAD shield of the abdomen and pelvis to prevent any fetal exposure. 
I would recommend you contact your obstetrician to further discuss this with him or her. So the answer again is unlikely. I hope this was helpful. 
Dr. Israel K.O.Brown Brantuoh
The exposure to radiation during routine dental x-rays is minimal. They do routine shielding for just this reason.
No single diagnostic x-ray has a radiation dose significant enough to cause adverse effects in a developing embryo or fetus. Dental X-rays during your pregnancy is considered safe with appropriate shielding.
You should be fine.
Good luck with your pregnancy!
As long as your lower abdomen was shielded with the apron, there is minimal risk to the fetus. X-ray exposure from the dentist is less harmful than not taking care of your teeth. Dental infections can increase the risk of preterm labor.
Dear Concerned,

Most dentist will place an abdominal shield on patients regardless.
Nevertheless, if it was not placed on your stomach the xray beam is focused
to the head and teeth, well above the reproductive organs. The likelihood
of causing a miscarriage or fetal effects are extremely remote. You should
have noting to be concern about your dental xray and pregnancy.
As long you had the protective shield with no direct exposure to your pelvic area, you are fine.
It is possible therefore your dentist uses lead protection
At this point there really isn't much to do, but the likelihood of any developmental damage is very low with a routine X-ray. Please try not to worry and enjoy your pregnancy!
While with the dentist, X-raying is over the mouth only. It is likely that they did not X-ray the whole body. If that is the case, your baby is fine.
Do not worry, you will be just fine.
Dental X-rays are not harmful to a pregnancy, especially with the correct shielding in place. Nothing to worry about.
Routine dental X-rays have very low radiation exposure, regular cover has lead and is very protective, so don't worry about it at this point. Your baby should be fine and there is nothing specific that you should do.
No this is no harmful. The amount of radiation used for dental XRay is minimal and is very localized in the mouth are.

Micaela Della Torre, MD MS
Yes, there should be no increased risks since normal protocol was taken to protect against dental x-rays.
While always a good idea to cover the abdomen in case of pregnancy or early pregnancy the risk (if any) to your baby would be very very low. The films were not directly over the uterus. Personally I would not worry and in my opinion does not require anything special to be done for your pregnancy. Consult/notify your OB provider and I suspect they will tell you the same thing.
Dental X-rays use minimal radiation. Since they covered your abdomen, there should be minimal to no exposure to your baby.
No need to worry. Standard dental x-rays have very little radiation exposure risk to a pregnancy. First, the radiation dose is very small, about less than 50 micro-grays per film. Second, the beams are localized to the dental area. Third, the distance from where the pregnancy is located is large. Finally, the weighted protection is sufficient to block and escape rays from the films.

Judy Chen
It is very unlikely that the Dental X-ray you had done will harm your baby at 2 months. This is because at 2 months, the womb that your baby is in is small enough that it ends up being protected by your pubic bone. Also, the fact that the X-ray was not to the abdomen makes it even less likely that your baby had any exposure.
Your baby will be OK! Dental x-rays have one of the lowest amounts of radiation exposure. Babies are very resilient and have shown no effects of exposure to radiation from x-rays with dosages less than 5 rads (a unit for measuring radiation). A dental x-ray is noted to have 0.0001 rads. Your baby will be fine and there is nothing you need to do other than your routine prenatal care.

Stephen Pakkianathan, MD FACOG
Highly unlikely. Such a quick and minimal dose of radiation to an area of your body not anywhere near your fetus would have negligible chances of causing teratogenicity. Rest assured. Eat well. Avoid harsh chemicals. Keep all your appointments. Relax. Get your first and second trimester sonogram as directed by your obstetrician. Be well. Avoid stress at ALL costs. Good wishes and blessings all over your baby. Dr. Meshri
Almost all dental offices employ digital X ray technology which means less exposure in general. Also the baby is very resistant to minimal insults and it is very unlikely that any harm would occur. There is always a risk of some unquantifiable harm like risk of cancer later in life but there is not much we can do about that at this point. Also the cover they used is lead and usually protects you and the baby. Try not to worry too much.
Best of health!