Pediatrician Questions Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

What is the difference between a child life specialist and a pediatrician?

When a child’s mental well-being is in question, should the child be referred to a child life specialist or the pediatrician?

2 Answers

A Pediatrician is a medical doctor that specializes in children age 0-21. They have a bs then 4 years medical school and 3 years pediatric training. A Child life specialist has a bs in a child related field and passes a certification. They are mainly therapist that help children cope. Pediatricians can prescribe medication check for causes of the mental problems and refer to the child life specialist if needed
A pediatrician is a medical doctor who specializes in the medical as well as psychological needs of a child or adolescent. A child life specialist has studied psychology in college and generally works in hospitals to deal with behavioral aspects of sick children and their specific needs in that situation. If you have concerns about the behavioral needs of your child, it is always better to speak with your pediatrician first and let them decide an appropriate referral.