Surgeon Questions Gallstones

Do I need surgery for gallstone removal?

Is surgery the only way to remove gallstones?

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If you never had symptoms, then you can keep an eye on it. A monetary stone in the gallbladder does not necessarily need an operation unless clinical symptoms appear. It's important to adopt a low-fat diet and control your weight.
Yes, absolutely. Minimally invasive removal of the gallbladder is the gold standard of symptomatic gallstones. Visit our website to get further information.
If your gallstones are causing symptoms (pain, nausea, bloating) then the treatment will be laparoscopic removal of the gall bladder. If you have no symptoms, then watchful waiting is acceptable. Symptomatic gallstones in diabetics must always be removed... Good luck!!

Joseph E. Ronaghan, MD, FACS, FICS
Yes. There is a medicine that dissolves gallstones but is has many side effects and the stones return once you start.
Yes. Not all gallstones need to be removed though. Your surgeon can advise you after simple evaluation.
Yes. Surgery is the only way to remove gallstone.
Surgery is the best way to remove the stones. We used to use medications to help prevent stone formation, but once they have been formed, they will not disintegrate and they will continue to cause problems. We used to also do lithotripsy, which would break off the stones and make them smaller, but the issue with this is that you can pass small stones, which may cause pain and pancreatitis. So, again, the best option would be to proceed with surgery to remove the entire gallbladder.
Yes, surgery to remove the gallbladder is the only way to deal with symptomatic gallstones.
Yes. A cholecystectomy is the only solution to remove stones from de gallbladder. But it has to be done only if there are symptoms related to the gallstones.
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No surgeon would remove the gallstone without removing the gallbladder because as a result of your genetic makeup, YOUR gallbladder is making stones.
Ursodeoxycholic acid and chenodexycholic acid can dissolve gallstones in a select patient population group (small and few stones made up of predominantly cholesterol). The medication is not without side effects and stones can come back.
Yes, gallbladder removal
A gallbladder with gallstones must be removed.
There is a medication called cholestyramine that may cause gallstones to dissolve. The medication is not very effective and can cause as many side effects and symptoms as the gallstones. I typically do not recommend medication as a treatment method. Surgery to remove the entire gallbladder (not just the stones) is the recommend course of treatment for symptoms related to gallstones.
If you have recurrent or acute pain, surgery is indicated. Non surgical treatment does not work for a long time. Some drugs marked in mid-eighties had complications and fell by the way side.