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Do braces stain your teeth?

I am a 22 year old female. I want braces but don't want stained teeth. Do braces stain your teeth?

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If you don't keep your teeth clean during braces then when you remove your braces, you might have staining and discoloration of your teeth.
Teeth stain with coffee, tea, wine,and some foods and braces make it harder to clean the areas that easily stain. some people are more prone than others. Unfortunately, clear O ties on clear brackets stain yellow/orange/brown over a few weeks making it appear like the brace has stained. Removing the arch wires at an appointment and using pumice on a brush will remove stains as will regular cleanings.Some stains like nicotine are very difficult for a patient to remove. I don't know how other smoked substances affect teeth, can't be good!
Braces themselves do not stain teeth. However, if plaque is not faithfully removed around the braces, decalcification (and discoloring) of enamel may result. This decalcification may contrast with the normal enamel protected by the overlying braces.
Stains are not issue with braces because stains can be removed and teeth polished and stains are gone! Or, even better, they can be prevented with regular brushing, especially after drinking tea, coffee, smoking...
The big issue with braces are decalcification on the teeth caused by the plaque around the braces if the brushing is not sufficient.
Do braces stain your teeth? In a word, "NO." The braces do not stain your teeth. HOWEVER, it is more difficult to keep your teeth clean while you have the appliances on your teeth.
THEREFORE, you MUST be diligent about your home care. You need to take the necessary time to keep the brackets clean. There are more places for bacteria to grow. The bacteria produce acid which can etch the teeth and produce white spots (calcification) which will never go away. Likewise, if you are drinking a lot of soda or eating a lot of things that normally stain your teeth, then these stains will be incorporated into the teeth... So, do braces cause stains? NO.... It is your lack of attention to detail that allows it to happen.
The braces by themselves will not stain your teeth. However, if you have a very acidic diet, eat lots of sugar laden food and/or don’t have excellent hygiene, you can get staining on your teeth which might be irreversible.
No, doesn’t stain the teeth, but you need to clean the teeth more as the wire collects more dental plaque.

Braces don’t actually stain you teeth. Teeth get stained due to plaque and the types of food you eat. When in braces, it is important to spend the time to clean your teeth thoroughly. Use a water-pik, floss threader, electric tooth brush. So, as long as you keep your teeth clean and plaque free you won’t get stains.
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No. You can, however, develop stained areas around the brackets if you do not practice good oral health home care: flossing and brushing well prior to bedtime and after meals, drinking water between meals, avoiding sticky, high carb, and sugary foods and snacks.

No. They do not stain your teeth. But if you have poor hygiene (brushing and flossing without regular dental cleanings), then you will likely have white spots on your teeth afterwards. These cannot be repaired easily and are not caused by braces, but are caused by the lack of proper hygiene during treatment.
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Braces do NOT stain teeth. Poor oral hygiene during orthodontic treatment can cause staining around the braces.

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Kevin P. McCaffrey, DMD, MS
No. Sometimes the adhesive underneath will stain from regularly drinking dark liquids, but when braces are removed, the adhesive polishes off and it's gone.
An alternative to braces would be clear aligner therapy or Invisalign. Talk to a dentist to see what is best for your needs.
Properly affixed braces do not cause any damage to your enamel. Good toothbrushing and use of a fluoride rinse or gel will help prevent any damage to the enamel around the edges of the braces. Some of the bonding material used to affix the braces may stain but it will be polished off when the braces are removed.
Braces do not stain the teeth. It is, however, a little more difficult to maintain oral hygiene with braces on. If plaque accumulates on the braces and teeth, tooth discoloration could result.
Get Invisalign if you can! Braces can stain teeth, depending on your teeth & your lifestyle (colored drinks & food).