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Do ceramic braces break easily?

I am a 30 year old male. I want to get ceramic braces. Do ceramic braces break easily?

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Yes, they can.
Ceramic brackets are more brittle than metal brackets. Therefore, they do tend to fracture sometimes.


Robert E. Sims, D.M.D, M.S.D.
Medal races are much stronger than ceramic, However for some cases ceramic may be appropriate
Ceramic Braces are slightly more delicate and due to the strength of ceramic materials vs stainless steel they are slightly more bulky. However, due to my years of experience, most cases that can be corrected using Ceramic Braces, can also be corrected with well engineered Invisalign treatment plan. All types of Braces are simply tools within my profession and I take the time to evaluate each case according to what will give the best results for that individual patient.
Today's ceramic braces are much more durable than ever before. They are prone to breaking parts off with heavy contact or hard foods, but this is not very common. Most patients complete treatment without breakage. The biggest concern is that the ceramic braces are harder than tooth enamel. Sometimes in cases of a deep overbite, an orthodontist will use ceramic braces on the upper teeth and metal braces on the lower teeth (which are barely visible during a smile). Other times, the orthodontist will build up the bite with special material to prevent you from biting on the lower braces if ceramic lower braces are used. Your orthodontist will be able to provide guidance on the best way to work with ceramic braces in your case.
I wish you the best in your smile journey.

John Ballrick
They do not break easily but they do break from time to time. Some are like glass and they can shatter. It is not a major problem and should not keep you from using them.

In my experience ceramic braces bond to the teeth just as well as metal braces. The problem is the ceramic is brittle and at times parts of the ceramic braces crack off. Rarely a ever a problem like this with metal braces.
Ceramic brackets have been around a long time and do not break easily unless there is direct traumatic blow. They are glass, but durable. Mouth guards are essential in sports to protect both teeth and brackets, but you are not likely to be wearing a mouth guard should an unforeseen accident occur. If a broken piece is swallowed, there is no way to locate it with an X-ray, but bigger and worse things are swallowed accidentally without a high probability of harm. It is important for the lower ceramic brackets not to contact the upper teeth or they will break or, worse yet, wear the enamel off the inside of upper teeth. Most adults prefer aesthetic attachments and the breakage risk is very low.
No, modern-day ceramic brackets are as strong as metal brackets. They are slightly thicker and bulkier than metal brackets to gain strength but less easily seen.

Yes. Some clear brackets are susceptible to breakage/fracturing. Often, it's the result of the dietary habits of the patient. If they eat hard, crunchy foods (which are on the foods to avoid list) like hard candy, ice, unpopped popcorn kernels, etc., then yes, the brackets can fracture. However, if the patient is careful with what they're eating and stays away from those types of foods, then it's rare to have a clear bracket break on you.