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Do couples who undergo behavior therapy stay together?

My husband and I are having a lot of issues that are affecting my marriage. Will behavior therapy help us stay together?

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Marriages can benefit from a counselor/ therapist who specializes in working with couples. They have experience and training in the techniques including behavioral interventions when appropriate. Thus select a couples trained therapist and focus less on the technique. Techniques can be adapted to your circumstances
It may! Behaviorally-oriented couples counseling can be helpful if both members of the couple are willing and active participants in the treatment and are willing to try new approaches to engaging with one another outside of the counseling sessions.
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Cognitive behavioral therapy is known to be effective when couples want to work towards conflict resolution, improvement of communication, and management of frustrations. Therefore, therapy could certainly help you and your partner to learn more adaptive ways to improve relationship issues. Through therapy dysfunctional behavioral patterns can be identified and thus modified, but again positive results are most likely to occur when both partners are committed to accept that a change is needed.


Lecsy Hernandez, LMHC
It's definitely possible therapy may help you stay together. Therapy can help you identify and get to the root of the issues that you say are affecting your marriage. If you are both willing to do the work to heal and improve the relationship and yourselves, your odds are probably good. However, there are no guaranteed outcomes in therapy. I would recommend approaching therapy with a curious and open-mind and see what happens.
Hello, this is a complex question as there are a lot of things to consider when going to couples’ therapy. To answer your question, there is research that suggests that Behavioral Couples Therapy is effective. However, I am not sure what you mean by “behavior therapy.” The success of therapy is dependent on how you rate your feelings about your therapist (the therapeutic relationship), how you rate your sense of progress during therapy, and if both members of the couple are willing and wanting to go and put in the hard work. You also should ask yourself, “What are my expectations for therapy?” Therapy is not a guaranty that it will make everything better.
That is very hard to answer. Some people are not meant to be together and some grow in different areas and it can be hard to keep a marriage together if there are many issues. Also depends on the therapist. Some still feel that all marriages should stay together, that was the past though! I do a lot of couples counseling and the new ones are good but some of those who have been married for over 10 years start to change and many are not ready to leave or change! You need to ask yourself that first! No one should stay in a marriage that is not good. Why suffer and ruin your chances for happiness and children's chances of knowing what is a good marriage and a bad one.
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