Dentist Questions Gum Disease

Do I have a gum disease?

It feels like my teeth are loose. Like all of them feel like you can move them around. Does it mean I have gum disease?

8 Answers

Quite possibly, make an appointment with your dentist ASAP
It totally depends. You need to go to your dental professional and have a thorough examination and full mouth X-ray to see what is going on in your mouth.
If the teeth are moving, then you may have more going on than just the gums. See a dentist to have them check the bone and gum health.
It is hard to say without an exam but I will say yes you have it and probably an advanced case.  You should see a periodontist soon.

If there is no issue in the tooth itself, it has a high chance of gum disease plus bone loss. You need a check-up soon.
Thank you.
Yes, most likely you do. One of the main signs of gum or periodontal disease is loose teeth.

David M. Garazi, DMD
Without seeing you and having a set of radiographs it is difficult to diagnose. I would strongly suggest that you see a dentist for an exam and evaluation so that things do not get worse. It could be a gum infection or it could be periodaontal disease where you may have lost bone.
Yes , you most probably have severe generalized periodontitis. See your dentist as soon as possible.