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Do you get put to sleep for gum surgery?

I am a 29 year old female. I want to know if you get put to sleep for gum surgery?

3 Answers

Definitely a possibility. It's up to you and your provider to make that decision. Most patients are awake, but numb, of course.
You can be put to sleep for any type of dental procedure. The newer gum surgeries like Dr Chao's pinhole surgery or chemical curettage are much gentler procedures and normally do not require general anesthesia. Still, it is available if you need it.

Alan B. Steiner, DMD

Gum surgery is a pretty routine procedure and does not always require sedation. However, modern dentistry offers sedation for just about any procedure if you are nervous about treatment. Make sure your dentist offers sedation dentistry if you are so inclined to do the treatment without any worries.