Acupuncturist Questions knee pain

Does acupuncture help knee pain?

I'm 38, and my knee hurts me almost every single day. My friend thinks that I should try acupuncture to help manage it. How would an acupuncturist treat knee pain?

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With acupuncture, of course. ;-) You could go to 5 different acupuncturists and get 5 different answers to this.... I can only speak to how I would treat it. I would put needles in your opposite (contralateral) elbow and knee and treat it far away, as that is what i have found works best in my experience. I might give you some herbal liniments to take home and apply to the area through the skin. I might also want to see your MRIs or other imaging tests, medical records, etc. to know exactly what is physically going on.

Hope that helps!
Practitioners will treat the knee with local, adjacent, and distal acupuncture points on both the affected leg and unaffected leg. There are empirical points used to treat muscles, ligaments, and tissues in general; there are also local knee points used to enhance blood flow and circulation to the knee. Surrounding muscles that are tight and pulling on the ligaments and tendons around the knee can also be released to relieve tension around the joint spaces.
By increasing blood flow and affecting neurotransmitters in our body.
Acupuncture can help circulation and help pain.
In so many ways. Depends upon what is going on. Need to assess the knee and your history.
It helps with any pain. You need to make sure you don’t have a tear in any ligament.
Acupuncture can absolutely help knee pain! The National Institutes of Health recommends acupuncture as one of the top treatments for knee pain, i.e. osteoporosis of the knees. A trained practitioner will have you come in for an initial consultation. During that time, they will ask into the knee pain to see where the cause of the pain could be coming from. Depending on that, they will create a strategy to most effectively treat the knee pain. Some ways acupuncture helps? It improves blood flow and reduces inflammation. It helps with any tissue or muscle repair. It can also help with pain by releasing feel-good hormones.
Acupuncture is phenomenal for knee pain. I recommend finding a practioner that practices Balance Method acupuncture.

Knee pain can be treated in so many different ways. Some practitioners will needle the knee that's painful. Others will treat the opposite knee instead. Some will needle your elbows or fingers. The choice of where to needle varies from practitioner to practitioner. Whatever way they choose to treat will also depend on how your body responds to the treatment and can be changed accordingly. As long as you go in with an open mind and follow the process (of repeat visits), you should feel less pain.
Thank you for your question.

Without knowing the cause of your knee pain, it is difficult to answer your question. The first step would be an evaluation of your knee. I recommend by a physiatrist a medical doctor specially trained in muscular skeletal pain. And, then if appropriate working with an acupuncturist. I am physiatrist that uses acupuncture quite often for certain types of knee pain. But, as stated, the first step is to find out what causing it to make sure that acupuncture is a correct modality to use.

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Acupuncture is fantastic in treating knee pain, and other aches and pains throughout the body. Acupuncture will help bring circulation to your knee, decrease inflammation and stimulate your immune system to work better and faster to heal your knee. We've had lots of success treating knee pain and would love to help you too!

Researchers have recently confirmed that acupuncture is more effective than common anti-inflammatory drugs! To read more, check out our blog here:
Absolutely. Although weight and exercise may play a role in the knee pain, an acupuncturist can assess your case with an examination and consultation. You should start to see results within 3-6 treatments but the proper frequency is important since the knee is a joint that can often be exacerbated by routine movements.
Acupuncture helps to reduce inflammation and increase blood flow within the joints. If a patient has arthritis in his knees for instance, acupuncture will help to reduce swelling and inflammation, it will then reduce the pressure around the joint capsule and ultimately decrease the pain. Acupuncture is beneficial to treat knee pain.

Alexandre Hillairet, DAOM.
It is almost impossible to answer that questions because there are many different approaches to acupuncture. Not only that, but the beauty of Chinese medicine is that each person is treated uniquely according to their specific needs and medical history. Not all knee pain is the same. Knee pain from injury or overuse is different than knee pain from something like osteoarthritis. What is the same, is that acupuncturists make a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan that is tailored to the individual. Acupuncture is very effective in the treatment of all types of knee pain.

Yvonne R. Farrell, DAOM, LAc
Acupuncture can be highly effective for knee pain.

Glenn R. Williams, D.C., L.Ac.
Yes, it helps.
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Acupuncture does help knee pain, but make an appointment with your acupuncturist after an examination so they can explain to you the mechanism.

An Acupuncturist would apply needles to the knee, as well as other parts of the body and/or the ear.
Knee pain is not an uncommon thing that we treat, we see it more times than we want to see it. We have resolved many difficult cases of knee pain. It can have different causes, to be more accurate, you have to come in and we can access you and see what is going on.
Be well, be confident, we can help.
Yes, soft tissue injuries, as well as knee osteoarthritis, are common causes of the knee pain. Give it a try for six sessions.
In general, knee pain responds well to acupuncture. Needle placement depends on the style used. Local points at the knee are often supplemented with other points on the body. Ear points can also be added as all the structures of the body are represented on the ear.

Acupuncture encourage the flow of qi and blood, which are often considered "stagnant" in pain syndromes. Often applying a heated herb or infrared lamp during the acupuncture treatment can increase pain relief.
It can treat knee pain by decreasing inflammation and improving the range of motion.
By with we using local points to help treat the knee pain. The more information there is, the better treatment plan. Not all knee pain is the same.
Acupuncture stimulates the central nervous system through the brain to release beta-endorphins, the body's natural painkillers helps reduce inflammation and increases circulation to the knees.
Yes. I fixed my own knee pain and help many people get pain relief. It does take a few months, but it's worth it. I'm 100% pain free.
Acupuncture will absolutely help your knee pain. The acupuncture will try to unblock the channel, bring the blood flow.
Yes, acupuncture helps knee pain. If acupuncture wasn't good for anything else, it is certainly good for pain. Any type of pain from headaches, to joint pain, to menstrual cramps and even tooth pain. In fact, in some hospitals in China (and at least one in the US) they use acupuncture only as anesthesia during major surgeries (even open heart surgery).

Personally, I treat knee pain every week. I treat a Roller Derby team that has knee problems from over use and from injury and they all get better very quickly.

The treatment would use both local points (near the knee) and distal points (on limbs or other body parts away from the knee) to treat various aspects of the cause of the pain. The practitioner may also use massage or a warming technique, they may add a topical rub or some herbs. There are many tools that we have in our medicine besides needles - though the needles themselves can do a lot to help.

Go find a Licensed Acupuncturist in your area, they will diagnose the root of the issue and treat accordingly. Feel free to ask them about the process. Not seeing you personally I cannot know how exactly you'd be treated.

Good luck
At your age, I would strongly recommend getting acupuncture now. The longer you've had an injury, the longer it takes for acupuncture to undo the harm and pain associated with it.

Each practitioner has their own approach, so I can't tell you how they will treat your knee. Some use local points, some use meridian therapy. But they all work on the energy flowing through your knee. But it's about healing, not covering up the pain.
How we treat your knee pain depends on why you have it. Every acupuncturist will first treat your root condition (why you have the knee pain and why your body can't heal it on it's own), and some will also use local treatments. Local treatments may include but are not limited to: trigger point dry needling, moxibustion, liniments, and electrical stimulation. It is important to understand. however, that your practitioner is still treating your pain even if they don't apply local treatments.
Acupuncture treat knee arthritis very well because acupuncture facilitates the qi mechanisms, after the qi mechanisms, the knee pain will gone away.
Yes, it helps tremendously. I have helped many people avoid knee surgery. You will benefit greatly from acupuncture.
How a practitioner of Chinese medicine would treat knee pain is going to depend on a lot of different variables. Broadly speaking, you are going to encounter to kinds of practitioners:

1. Those who will treat locally by placing needles in or around the knee.
2. Those who will treat distally by putting needles in other parts of the body.

Both methods can be very effective.

If you're asking how would acupuncture relieve knee pain, that's a bit more complicated. Acupuncture in pain patients appears to be doing two things:

1. Regulating a set of neurotransmitters which are responsible for the transmission of pain signals in the central nervous system.

2. Altering the way pain information is processed in the brain.