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Does acupuncture help nerve pain?

I am a 33 year old female. I want to know if acupuncture helps nerve pain?

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It can also help with nerve regeneration and preservation. If there has been nerve damage or diminished sensation, we target treatment in these areas to re-stimulate those nerve fibers." Indeed, studies show that acupuncture is an effective treatment for peripheral neuropathy, with fewer side effects than medications
Yes it does. Good luck
Yes, acupuncture can help nerve pain. After an evaluation a recommended number of treatments should be given to you. Treating nerve pain does depend on the underlying condition and you will probably need several treatments to improve the condition. A consultation and evaluation would be the first step to determine treatment. But acupuncture is a great option for treatment.
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Yes, acupuncture, massage, and herbs can help relieve nerve pain!
There’s good evidence that acupuncture can help to alleviate some of the symptoms of neuropathy. Including nerve pain.

Here is an article:

Acupuncture treatment improves nerve conduction in peripheral neuropathy
Yes, Acupuncture can absolutely help nerve pain. Depending on how long you have been suffering and how severe the issue is can impact how effective it is in your individual case, but Acupuncture can be very helpful - yes.

I am sorry you are having pain. Acupuncture has been shown to help with nerve pain, but it depends upon what your medical condition is. Do you have a disc impinging on a nerve? If that's the case, then surgery may be warranted. Is it nerve pain from fibromyalgia or another autoimmune disease? I have seen some results with acupuncture, but results can vary from person to person. If there are any comorbid conditions present, it may be a bit trickier to treat. Multiple medications and obesity can also complicate things. My suggestion to you would be to ask your pain management team, assuming you have one, what is the best avenue to take for your pain. Medications may be necessary. If you are aiming to avoid surgery, I would suggest trying chiropractic care and/or PT along with acupuncture, so long as your PCP says it would be safe for you. If there is a disc pressing on a nerve, then seeing a chiropractor would be my first stop. Consult with your team first, as I am not an MD.
Good luck and feel better!
There are many different types of nerve pain and the key to successful treatment is to diagnose what causes it. Acupuncture can successfully help manage nerve pain and other pain disorders. It is best to consult with a licensed acupuncturist to discuss the options available for you and begin a protocol as soon as possible.
Yes, it helps a lot.


Xiaoming Cheng
Yes, acupuncture is work.


Yes. Acupuncture does help with neurological pain. Please consult your local acupuncturist.


Scott Sang In Lee
I have and continue to help many patients with nerve pain. Of course, it depends on what your nerve pain is due to. Check with your primary to see if you are a suitable candidate for acupuncture and the practitioner you choose should be able to diagnose and give you a fair prognosis of how well they can treat your condition.

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Yes. Acupuncture is a great way to get nerve pain relief.
Yes, it does.
Acupuncture is probably the safest procedure to treat nerve pain without causing any side effects.

Alexandre Hillairet, DAOM.
Yes, acupuncture helps with nerve pain.
Yes! Acupuncture is great for nerve pain (neuropathy). Most commonly, I see this in the feet and low back, though it can occur most anywhere. 

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Andrew Kingoff, L.Ac.

Acupuncture can help relieve or eliminate most types of pain. The cause of the pain will determine how well the acupuncture works in terms of the reduction in pain as well as how long the pain relief lasts for. For example, if the pain is caused by a spinal stenosis or a nerve entrapment, then although acupuncture can offer initial pain relief, that it is reasonable to expect that the pain will return since the acupuncture didn't correct the underlying cause of the pain.
It can of course!
Yes, acupuncture can help with nerve pain.
I find acupuncture helpful for nerve pain. I would want to know what is causing it. Is it a pinched nerve? If so you need a structural approach, such as chiropractic, osteopathy, or physical therapy as well.
Isn't all pain nerve pain? :-) I'm assuming you mean a nerve is being pressed on or physically damaged...

I have seen much more limited positive outcomes for patients who have a bone pushing on a nerve, for instance. An example of this would be stenosis, or a narrowing of the spinal chord area, with back pain. I have gotten minimal to no results with those patients in particular. This pain is usually a burning or radiating/shooting pain. Is that what your pain is?
Yes, this is something we can help you with.
Acupuncture is helpful for all types of pain.
Yes, acupuncture points are located near nerves and on the nerve. Needles are to modulate nerve activities to relieve the pain.
Yes. Acupuncture can be very effective in treating the causes and symptoms of nerve pain.
Absolutely yes
Yes, acupuncture can help nerve pain .
Whether or not acupuncture can help is going to be largely driven by why the nerve pain is occurring. In cases like trigeminal neuralgia, radiculopathy on the neck, sciatica, or lower limb neuropathy acupuncture can often be a very successful treatment.

Nerve impingement can sometimes be tricky to treat. Again, though, with the right acupuncturist, this can usually be improved.

If the problem is more structural, like a laminectomy of the low spine followed by instability in the area, then, in my experience, acupuncture will be of limited use.

In cases where the symptoms are indicative of nerve issues: burning or shooting pain, pins and needles sensations, numbness, or loss of sensation a patient's first stop should always be a neurologist. There are times when these issues rise to the level of a surgical emergency and it's better to know that sooner rather than later.

If the neurologist has ruled out major problems, acupuncture can often help. This is a case where you need to make sure you're seeing an actual acupuncturist rather than a chiropractor or physical therapist who has minimal training and is offering "acupuncture-like" services. You want someone with an L.Ac./R.Ac. credential and preferably a Dipl Ac./Dipl OM. board certification. To find someone like this in your area you can use the "Find a Practitioner" lookup at