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Does coconut oil whiten teeth?

I am a 23 year old male. I heard from my friend that coconut oil whitens teeth. Is that true?

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Yes, it does. Coconut oil contains fatty acids which when broken down by enzymes in the saliva release an oxygen molecule that bonds to the stains in teeth. This is similar to how hydrogen peroxide whitens teeth, but differs in that the oxidized free radical that does the whitening is the result of a chemical reaction between the enzymes in your saliva and the lauric acid in the coconut oil.
Absolutely not. Coconut oil does not whiten teeth, remove cavities, or my personal favorite, grow your teeth back. Don't be fooled by all the fake information on the internet.
Simply put, no. If you want white teeth, regardless of what you find on the internet, there is no “cheap” way to whiten teeth effectively. If you want white teeth, you need to pony up some cash and have it done right, have it done professionally. Costs can range from $200-600. Check it out:

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David M. Kaffey, DDS
I am so sorry that you have been mislead...Coconut oil does not whiten your teeth.
Not to my knowledge.  If you are only 23, Crest White strips may work, but for predictable results, see a dentist who can evaluate the actual color of your teeth and recommend the best whitening option.  You also want to make sure your mouth is healthy BEFORE you whiten.  Whitening with open cavities could be painful.
No, it does not.

Alan B. Steiner, DMD
Unless there is dental research regarding this claim and acknowledged by the ADA, then the dental community would not support this claim.