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Does this mean Parkinson's disease?

Having what seems to be panic attacks. Pains in the upper back then going to the chest. Several episodes a day and becoming more frequent.

Male | 78 years old
Conditions: Parkinsons disease

5 Answers

it does not seem to be related to the Parkinson's. Please discuss with your neurologist.
This does NOT sound like Parkinson's, but it seems concerning. Let your primary care doctor know - I'd be concerned for a heart problem based on what you are saying here.
Please make an appointment with your neurologist, check the dosages of your medications, and consult a cardiologist as well.
Your symptoms are not typical of Parkins's disease. Please consult a neurologist.
Panic and back pain are rather non-specific symptoms and are certainly not specifically connected to Parkinson's disease. Having said that pain and panic attacks are very common in PD, these symptoms also may be the initial warning signs, but considering they are common among people that do not have PD, the chance that these symptoms are the first signs of PD is very low, in the absence of other signs more specifically pointing to PD (such as resting tremor, slowness, stiffness, loss of facial expression, balance problems).