Psychiatrist Questions Postpartum Depression

I am a new mother and I don’t feel too much love for my child. What is wrong with me?

I am a new mother and unlike other mothers, I don’t feel that I love my child as much as I should. I am very embarrassed to speak of this to anyone around me. Please help me.

7 Answers

Being a new mother can be very stressful. If you have not had experience taking care of babies, the stress can block feeling warm and affectionate. This is not a rare situation. The worst thing you can do is get wrapped up in guilt and shame. Learning to care for a baby can be a process; Keep working on it.
Please see a mental health professional.
Don’t advertise it, spend more time with your baby. Think how much he depends on you, how vulnerable he is, how much he needs you. You will learn to love him. You just probably are exhausted.
There is nothing wrong with you! That is more common than people like to talk about. Not sure how old your child is, but it could be baby blues or post-partum depression. Either way, I would say get yourself evaluated by a psychologist or a psychiatrist.
Pregnancy and giving birth to a child as a new mother can be a stressful time for a woman. There are many factors that can add to the stress such as difficult circumstances surrounding the pregnancy, other family issues, and financial problems, which can affect how a woman may feel towards the child. It is okay to talk things over with a therapist. Some self-knowledge and understanding of your emotional needs can help you gain a better perspective about your condition and your relationship with your child.
Not everyone bonds right away. It can be post partum depression that might need to be looked into, or it could be that babies don't give back until they are a few months old and can smile and become endearing.
Postpartum blues and depression are common. You can google the symptoms and if it looks like you might have schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist