Periodontist Questions Gum Disease

I am having a dull pain in my gums while chewing food. Could it be sign of an infection?

I am having a very strange dull pain when I chew my food and I was wondering if it could be the sign of a gum infection or what else it could be... What can I do?

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It’s hard to make a diagnosis without additional information regarding a strange though pain in your gum while eating. I would recommend you seek out a dentist or a periodontist for a clinical evaluation and an x-ray of the area. Because it could be related to a cavity, a crack in the tooth, clenching and grinding, gum recession or other conditions that should be professionally evaluated.
Do you have sensitivity to hot or cold? That's hard to determine without taking a closer look. It could be tooth related, i.e., a root canal or cavity, or it could be gum related such as infection.

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Drs. Tom & Mark McCawley
Any type of pain in your mouth should be evaluated. A dull pain could be a sign that the gum is infected or it could be a sign that the tooth needs a root canal. You should go see your dentist!
First see your dentist, if it's a mild form of periodontal disease, your dentist will diagnose and form a treatment plan, if it is an advanced periodontal disease, or periodontitis you may want to consult a periodontist, who is specially trained and educated 3 years post dental school to diagnose and treat periodontal diseases
Dull pain can mean a few things: it can be a sign of the nerve dying in the tooth or it can be your gums. I would suggest seeing a dentist.
It could be an acute gum infection like a periodontal abscess or it may be just an ulcer.
Any discomfort is your body's way to tell you there is something wrong. Should have that checked out to rule out anything more serious
2 possibilities, (1) food may be impacting between 2 teeth because of an open contact or (2) if the nerve is dead a chronic infection develops at the tip of the root. Pressure on the tooth will cause pain in the,gum opposite the apex. If you simply bite down on a wad of tissue and it hurts! It is probably a problem solved by having endodontic or root canal treatment.
It can be gum issues or other issues such as root canal problem or decay. You should see a dentist to correctly diagnose your problem.