Pediatrician Questions Ear Infections

Can an ear infection be the cause of fever for my daughter?

My daughter has an ear infection and has started treatment. Last night she had fever. Could it be because of the ear infection?

6 Answers

Yes. Any infection, including ear infections, can cause fever.
Yes. An ear infection can cause fever. Sorry to hear she is sick.
Fever is a very common symptom of ear infections. It can take a couple of days for the fever to go away after starting antibiotics. If the fever lasts more than 48 hours and the earache is still present, I typically recommend a follow-up to make sure that we do not need to use different medications!
Yes, an ear infection can certainly cause a fever. It may take up to 24-48 hrs. for the antibiotics to work and the fevers to resolve. If fevers persist after 48 hrs., she needs to be reexamined.
The inflammation in the ear can also cause a fever as well. But all earaches need not be treated with antibiotics unless associated with other systemic changes in the child.
It can be. Also, viruses may be present with the ear infection and can cause a fever even if the ear infection is being treated. If fever persists, get the ear rechecked to make sure it has cleared.