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Whats the earliest age you can get a cosmetic nose job?

My nose is very ugly and i want a nose job but my parents said i have to wait till i finish growing. What is the exact age I can get it done?

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For girls, I wait until one year after you start your menstrual period. For boys, once they are well into puberty, usually around 15.
15 to 16 for a female and 18 to 19 for a male.
Once the nose is done growing, so no sooner than ~14 years old.
This is a great questions. We know that our nose continues to grow and mature into our early adulthood. It is generally thought that the safest age is when most of the growth has happened. In most that is after the age of 16. However, some people can have surgery a few years before that while others should have surgery a few years after that. This is generally determined based on how much bone structure maturity someone's face has. So the best way to know is to see your facial plastic surgeon.
This is a great question. For females, age 14-17. For males, age 16-18. It's important to have cartilage mature in the growing patient. Make sure you go to a physician who does plenty of rhinoplasty and is board certified.

Usually 15/16 for females and 17/18 for males.


John M. Hilinski, M.D.

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The earliest age to undergo a nose job is from the age of 17 on. Then, the bones of the face are fully grown. This is for functional surgery (i.e., breathing problems). In Belgium, the legal age for an aesthetic nose job is > 18 year. If you do it before this age, the nose can grow crooked again.
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It is best to wait until you have stopped growing, or have reached “skeletal maturity,” to have a rhinoplasty (nose job). That way, your improved nose won’t change much over time.
Good question that comes up in my practice from time to time. In the face there are growth point areas that must be respected in order that all bones fully develop before surgery. Also as Plastic Surgeons we like a certain degree of patient maturity so we can fully appreciate what our young patients desire and have a mature attitude. So once all that is clarified for girls I like a minimal age of 14 but preferably 16 years old. For boys minimal age of 16 preferably 18. I hope your question was answered. Good luck