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Do eye cosmetics cause blindness?

I am a makeup artist and I use a lot of eye makeup cosmetics. I can suddenly feel my eyes burning. I am now worried, can these cosmetics cause blindness?

8 Answers

It cannot cause blindness just irritation or foreign body sensation
Blindness is a giant leap. Even vision loss would be unusual unless you are using contaminated or toxic products that get in your eyes and lead to serious infection. If the eyes are burning you may have gotten something in them that needs to be rinsed out and avoided. Use artificial tears and keep products away from the eyes that may get in them from sweat, crying, rubbing, especially if a contact lens wearer. If symptoms persist or worsen then by all means get an eye exam.
I’ve never been aware of a case of blindness caused by cosmetics. The probable reason your eyes are burning is Dry Eye Syndrome caused by placing eyeliner on the edge of your eyelids. If you do that, STOP! It’s harmful because the eyeliner blocks the opening of the oil glands which produce the oil that keeps your tears from evaporating.
No, It is a good idea not to put anything in your eye that wasn’t specially designed for that purpose however!
It sounds like your cosmetics may be irritating your eyes, but they absolutely cannot result in blindness.
Most unlikely!! Burning eyes associated with use of cosmetics are most often related to the chemical irritants or particulate matter in cosmetics. Unless you develop a serious corneal infections, it's unlikely that cosmetics will cause significant eye damage.
Using eye cosmetics cannot cause blindness. It may cause blepharitis (inflammation or infection of the eyelid), which may cause burning, itching, and irritation, but generally does not have an effect on the vision.
Cosmetics contain chemicals that can be harmful if it gets into the eyes. Avoid getting them into your eyes. Some may contain toxins or steroids that can cause glaucoma and blindness. Check with your doctor first.