Optometrist Questions Eye Infections

My eyes are puffed up and feel heavy. Why?

My eyes are feeling puffed up and are heavy with a slight pain. Could it be an eye infection? I do not normally get allergies in springtime, so I'm pretty sure it's not that.

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Your symptoms are common of patients with dry eye syndrome. Often due to environmental changes like long hours of exposure to devices like computers, video game tv or could be that the glands don’t produce enough moisture and if expose to wind it leads to mire dry eye symptoms. Artificial tears can reileves the symptoms. I prefer the gel type ones because most adults suffer from a drop in oily moisture glands ans regular watery artificial ones will not help.
Puffy eyes can be a sign of allergies or infection. Visit your eye doctor to evaluate your eyes and determine the best course of treatment. In the meantime, make sure that you clean your lids and lashes with a lid cleanser like Avenova. Pain is something that can determine if your condition is minor or major so get your eyes evaluated.

Allergies would still be my best bet. If you’re using any new cosmetic or cleaning products discontinue them. If your cosmetic brushes are old or haven’t been well cleaned, replace them as well. Change your bedding, wash your pillow, and inner pillow case and the mattress cover. Vacuum your mattress and flip it over if you can. If you still have discomfort, see your Optometrist.

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Dr. John Lowitz, OD
If both eyes are puffy, most likely seasonal allergies, but you should have it checked by an eye care professional.
It could be a contact dermatitis or allergic reaction to something you touched or came in close contact with.

Dr. Lior Koppel
For a young person, puffiness could be due to thyroid or kidney disease. Sometimes it's a side effect of medications in the elderly, or just prominent fat under the skin, which needs to be removed by surgery.
Yes, if it feels different than your allergies, it can be an infection or clogged glands. Get them checked out.
Eye puffiness can be due to lack of sleep, dehydration, hypothyroidism etc
Allergies set their own timetable for appearing in life. Many allergy free people have a sudden onset of allergies. As we season, our tissues become lax and stretch allowing fluids to accumulate, especially on the pillow side of the face when sleeping. Cold pack and massage often help reduce swelling.

Watch for accompanying swelling of hands feet and ankles or shortness of breath.. If these appear also check with your General Practice Physician.