Ophthalmologist Questions Cataract Surgery

Why are my eyes watering after cataract surgery?

I had cataract surgery 2 weeks ago and now my eyes are constantly watering. What could be wrong?

5 Answers

This is very common after cataract surgery but you need to discuss this with your Ophthalmologist at your next visit.
You may have dry eye caused by eyedrops like steroid to help calm down inflammation after cataract surgery. Use of preservative free artificial tears should help.
Likely nothing wrong. The eye generally gets drier usually temporarily for a month or two after surgery. This makes the eye test. You can try artificial tears for a few days. If no improvement, see your cataract surgeon.
See your eye surgeon for a check and ask him why
Could be the depression where an incision was made on the cornea to enter the Anterior Chamber, a necessary step in cataract surgery. It usually heals and becomes less irritating
and therefore has less watering within a month.
If you have further watering, you should see your surgeon for confirmation.

Roger Ohanesian, MD