Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Questions Cleft Lip And Palate

Can facial birth defects be treated with oral surgery?

Is there a treatment for facial birth defects, like a cleft lip? What is the right age to start this surgery?

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Yes there are, and for a cleft lip the earlier the better. They would typically treat that in infancy, or as soon as the child able to tolerate surgery. The classic timing involved the "rule of 10's" which referred to over 10 pounds, over 10 weeks old, hemoglobin (blood count) over 10
Hello... You should have involvement with a cleft team starting at birth.
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Yes, there is treatment for birth facial defect for cleft lip, cleft palate. It can start at very young age like few months old, depends on the severity and the treatment will require different phases throughout the childhood. Seek the evaluation by an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, since this is one of our specialty.
Certainly, with bony defects and soft tissue defects.