Geriatrician Questions Depression

My father is undergoing severe depression after my mom passed away. How can we help him?

My father who is a chronic kidney disease patient himself is currently very depressed as my mother suddenly passed away after a heart attack. How can we help him out?

2 Answers

First, sincere condolences on the loss of your mother. How long has it been? People grieve differently but sadness and loss are certainly normal. Your support and that of other close family and is invaluable—it is often helpful to encourage talk about the loss, not to avoid the subject for fear of “upsetting” someone. Bereavement counseling may be helpful, and when grieving continues beyond three months and/or becomes complicated by other symptoms of clinical depression, medication (appropriate for his kidney function) may be helpful.
It's normal to go through a bereavement process. If the signs continue after 2 months, then it could be depression.