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Why do I feel so agitated before my periods?

I am 36 years old and only within the past 8 months or so I have terrible depression and anger right before my periods. How can I prevent this from happening without taking medications?

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Talk with your doctor about this. You may be peri menopausal.
You are describing premenstrual mood change. You can take care of yourself by being aware that this mood change is hormonally related which means it is likely to occur rendering you vulnerable to external stressors. It is best to avoid situations that are likely going to upset you or make you angry. During this vulnerable period you should take care of your physical health as well by maintaining good sleep patterns, healthy diet and exercise. You could also learn siome strategies to control your anger or frustrations such as doing Tai Chi, yoga or simple deep breathing exercises.
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You can try non-pharmacological treatments before using medications.
Hi, get a individual psycho therapy and especially for anger management and try to learn some positive coping skills to deal with your anger during your period
Pre-menstruation tension or dysphoria is common and has to do with reduction of estrogen and progesterone hormons a week or ten days before period starts.
plenty of rest plus high protein diet, reduced caffeien and exercise could help. you can take st. John's wart OTC as well, Good luck!
I think that since it has been happening in the past 8 months, you should see someone for therapy to try to figure out what has happened in the past 8 months that has triggered it, it sounds that hormones are playing a big part in it but maybe there is something else worsening the symptoms on top of hormones
That is a very good question! I am not sure I can answer it. As a psychiatrist, I am prone to suggesting medication in your situation. You might try some vigorous exercise, running, aerobic exercise, bicycling at least 4X per week, esp. the week before you expect your menstrual cycle. If you are clinically depressed, meaning you cry, feel hopeless, feel life is not worth living, don't enjoy anything, then you should seek professional help: a LMFT, LCSW, Ph.D psychologist, or a psychiatrist. If you are NOT inclined to take medication, start with a non-psychiatrist. A "neutral" therapist can often be of great help and make suggestions, whereas a psychiatrist like myself, would be more likely to recommend medication (not always of course, but just more likely, as that is what we have been trained to focus on). Take care of yourself, don't ignore these problems or blame it it all menstruation issues.
This is a very common condition, without medications, you may please talk to a therapist who may guide you through some of the mindfulness process or other anxiety reduction techniques which may help you.