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My mothers feet are turning black and extremely itchy. What should we do?

My mother has been diabetic for the last 32 years. Her sugar levels keep fluctuating a lot and her feet are often swollen up because of edema and now there is severe discoloration happening. Her skin around the feet also feels extremely itchy. What should we do?

3 Answers

Make sure she sees her doctor, get blood sugar, hypertension and cholesterol under control. Fluid pill to reduce edema.
See your primary MD and request a vascular evaluation and or consult. Do this quickly.
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See a Dr. right away. Her feet need diagnosis and care or she may lose them. Blood flow needs to be checked by doppler, reason for edema (congestive heart failure or a variety of other causes). Get her diabetes under control & get medical care for the feet by a physician and/or podiatrist right away.