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How can we fight diabetes naturally?

My husband is 38 years old and has had diabetes for the last 6 years. He has been on medication but his HbA1C doesn’t come below 8. Are there natural methods we can introduce into his treatment?

3 Answers

Reduce carbohydrate intake and increase physical activity. This may improve his A1c by 1 -2 point at least.
Yes: Diet and exercise are natural and the best additive to a good medication regime. There are some that advocate cinnamon, others Tumeric mixed with pepper, others have claimed Acai helps. But there are no serious medical studies.
"Natural methods" of diabetes control have been tried for centuries will poor results. Metformin was once a "natural" treatment. Centuries ago medical people dried a plant called Goat's Root grown in France & gave it to people with diabetes. It worked. We now know that the active factor in it was metformin. The problem though, with these "natural" substances is that there is no standardization. You don't know what all is in it & in what doses. Usually there is more fiber that meds in it. Contaminants are also possible since they are not controlled by standards of purity. Some of these can be toxic. You did not say what he is taking now for his diabetes.