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My daughter got her first period earlier than normal. Can this have an impact on her health?

My daughter is 10 years old and has got her period earlier than the normal age which is usually 13 years if I understand correctly. Will this have an impact on her health in the long run?

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No. There should be no repercussions to this young girl for starting her menstruation at age 10 as long as she is otherwise healthy.
To answer your question, NO. Most girls are what I call "early birds" and may have menses as early as 9 yrs of age. It becomes much concerning if the onset of menarche occurs before age 7 in majority of cases - the precocious puberty, could be concerning and needs to be addressed with the pediatrician.
It can happen with a lot of girls. Just watch her for other signs of puberty and make sure she does not have precocious puberty. I will advise you to see your ob/gyn.
Puberty occurs between the ages of 10-15 years for girls. Average age for puberty in girls is 12 years. There is no reason for concern with your daughter, her age of puberty is at the lower end of normal and that is fine. There are no future health risks associated with having first menstrual cycle at age 10.
Dr. Prasad
No. 10 years of age is still considered normal. No problem
If she has normal growth and development of secondary sexual characters it may be normal then she should see gynecologist also rule out precocious puberty cause
The average age for girls to have their first period also known as menarche is now 9. This is definitely a much younger age than what used to be in the past. This shouldn’t affect your daughter's health, this may impact her growth spurt, though.
Young girls get exposed early nowadays to different chemicals contained in various plastic containers - one of them is called BPA, a chemical that mimics the estrogen hormone - I would have her hormone levels checked and look into limiting or completely eliminating all BPA containing water bottles, soft drinks, plastic containers. Also never microwave food in a plastic container, only glass.
There are some medical conditions that can lead to an early period - a doctor can easily rule them out.
Early periods can also happen if girls are overweight and sometimes they pose a significant psychological stress on the young girls, who have to fit in.