Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Questions Cleft Lip And Palate

Is there a follow-up required to the cleft lip surgery?

My baby had cleft lip surgery and though she is being treated to a large extent, it is still there. Will there be a follow-up required for the cleft lip surgery?

3 Answers

Yes. The team that did the surgery should be seeing her on a regular basis as she grows. Often there is a sequence of procedures that should be accomplished at the right times that are age dependent depending on the extent of the cleft that she had.
You will need to ask these questions to the surgeon who did the surgery. We would need much more information to be able to answer your questions. Thanks very much!
Without seeing her, that is a difficult question to answer. Ask the doctor who originally provided the surgery. The least number of surgeries the better, and a cleft team directly treating your daughter should have a time line on what to treat when for the best possible results. Please be patient