Dentist Questions Root Canal

What kind of foods should I avoid after a root canal surgery?

I have to have a root canal next week, and I want to know if there's anything that I should avoid after I have it done. Like food, certain drinks, etc.

5 Answers

You should avoid anything hard or sticky after a root canal, and more importantly, you do most of your heavy chewing on the opposite side of where you had the root canal.
Once a root canal is completed the tooth is compromised. A buildup and crown are required to prevent the tooth from fracturing down the root which would require extraction. It is my recommendation that hard foods are avoided on that side of the mouth until buildup and crown are initialized/completed.
Avoid anything that hurts to chew which is hard, firm foods.
In general, hard food, hot foods and liquids, crunchy food, and drinking through a straw.
We recommend soft foods for a few days or until you are able to get a permanent crown on the tooth (to avoid fracturing your tooth).