Nephrologist (Kidney Specialist) Questions Glomerular disease

My father is suffering from glomerular disease. What is the treatment?

My father is 70 years old and has recently been diagnosed with glomerular disease. I've never even heard of it before. What is the treatment for the disease and what are the precautions that my father should take?

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There are many different kinds of glomerular diseases and each is treated differently. Ask the doctor regarding his actually cause and final diagnosis of the glomerular disorder and I can guide you through treatment
He should follow regularly with his nephrologist and keep his blood pressure and blood sugars in normal range. Also avoid ibuprofen and Motrin.
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Glomerular disease can be anything from diabetes/hypertension to disease affecting just the kidney alone, without any systemic disease. Did your father have a kidney biopsy? Your doctor should be able to explain it to you. Without knowing the history, I cannot give a better answer.