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My grandfather is 84 years old and recently fell. Would you recommend surgery?

My grandfather is 84 years old and fell. He injured his shoulder. His doctor is recommending surgery soon but I am so worried about his age. Would you recommend surgery considering his age or should we just go for a cast?

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If he has a complete tear or 2 partial tears, he needs Surgery.
It all depends on the type of fracture he has. If it is an undisplaced fracture, a mere arm sling for a couple of weeks with early mobilization will be sufficient. If it is DISPLACED, then a simple metallic plate and screws will be needed. Rarely, the ball of the joint needs to be replaced.
if he is in good health and his doctor clears his heart for surgery then it is ok, but ask if physical therapy is as effective as surgery.
I have had this question more than one time. I would let the doctor and my grandfather make the call after you hear what the Doctor has to say. Your grandfather has made it 84 years and if he can understand what is going on let him make the call.
Need to talk to a orthopedic surgeon.
Depends on his functional status prior to the fall. Generally surgery will give him better results but at a cost. Some injuries can be managed non-operatively . I guess his orthopedic surgeon can advise him the best .
Your grandfather probably fractured just below the neck of his humorous. The proper management of this is surgical fixation. A cast is not going to do if the fracture is high and just below the ball and socket joint .

He'll be fine. Let the doctors get on with it. Otherwise this could become a chronic problem.
This is a tough call. Need to know the function and physical condition of your grandfather. Is the surgery going to improve his function or stay the same. If nothing will improve I would just cast. Is a cast feasible for shoulder? get a second orthopedic opinion see if it's in line with the first opinion.
If the doctors recommended surgery, that will be the treatment. If your grandfather passed the preoperative assessment organized by his doctors, he can go ahead to fix his shoulder.
If he is 84 years old and in good health, you should not worry, and be supportive.
I think he has to get the surgery. If he doesn't get the surgery, it would be even more warning that his health would be in trouble.