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How healthy are nutrition bars that are available in the market these days?

I have been been wanting to switch to nutrition bars to be a little more healthy. But, how healthy are they? Is there anything I should be checking on their label to be sure I am eating the right product?

4 Answers

They are full of sugar.
He needs to see his DR and get some blood tests to find the cause.
Nutrition bars alternative snacks. There are of course some that are less nutritious than others, but the bottom line is that a piece of fruit or two or fresher and more nutritious. An apple a day keeps the doctor away (if you can hit him).
Most of these nutrition bars still have high amount of sugars or corn syrup inside them. The best way to reduce weight and stay healthy is to eat small portions of foods, eat healthy foods and more proteins and vegetables. Also, daily activity and/or exercise helps your body to burn more calories.