Psychologist Questions Dementia

Why does my mom hear sounds that don't actually exist?

My mother is 78 years old, and she has been complaining of hearing loud sounds. These sounds actually don't exist. What is wrong?

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At this age I recommend your mother be seen by a neuropsychologist to rule out degenerative disease that can contribute to auditory hallucinations & psychotic symptoms. Also rule out severe depression which may be accompanied by psychotic symptoms and/ or comorbid with conditions affecting memory & cognition. Good luck !
Dear Madam/Sir:

I appreciate your concern regarding your mom's hearing loud noises. In case it is Tinnitus, she needs to see an audiologist. In case it is a hallucination, she needs to see a psychiatrist. For Tinnitus, an alternative treatment is hypnotherapy which I provide as a licensed psychologist, but I am not a psychiatrist and so won't be able to help in case it is a hallucination and she needs medicine for it.

Take care,

Dr. Lata Sonpal
Try not to worry. First, find out what the noises sound like. Is it a loud ringing in her ear? If so, don’t worry. Whatever it is, you should investigate it before sending a doctor or nurse to her.
Check this link out and see if this may apply:

Also consider her taking an Alzheimer's screening assessment - often hallucinations become part of this.