Orthopedist Questions knee pain

My knee is feeling tender and is slightly red. There is also some pain when I bend it. Should I use ice or heat?

My knee is feeling very soft and tender and I can feel a lot of pain as I bend my knee. I don’t know what is wrong. Should I try ice or heat? Or what should I do?

7 Answers

Use ice but have it checked out if you have worsening redness, limitation of motion and pain on weight bearing because those signs could be associated with joint infection
Either with analgesic.

Tylenol.aleve or advil
Probably something called chondromalacia patella. Avoid squatting and excessive stair climbing, and take the recommended amount of advil for a few days. Ice is good. If it doesn't get better, have an orthopaedic surgeon look at it.
Use heat.
Ice is best, but it is important to be properly evaluated to understand why the knee has reddened.
See a doctor for examination and treatment
You should use ice for inflammation in a joint. But if there is redness along with the tenderness there is concern for cellulitis (infection in the skin). You should see your physician as you may need oral antibiotics.