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Why do I feel very heavy and tired after eating any meal?

I feel there is something wrong with my digestion. I feel very heavy after eating any meal. It's really uncomfortable and causes me to feel sleepy. I don't think I'm overeating. What could be wrong?

4 Answers

Whenever a heavy meal is consumed all the blood supply is directed towards the Gut. This can make us tired and sleepy . Eating a meal proportionate in portion size and in content such a healthy meals that are not too high in fat content or consist of simple sugars can help you avoid this heavy feeling
Slow digestion needs a GI eval
Blood goes to stomach and away from other organs such as Brain and Adrenals,causes fatigue,especially Red Meat and Turkey (Tryptophan )
Try reducing the carbohydrate content in your meal and making it more healthier with protein content.