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How can I help my teenage son deal with failure?

My son is 16 years old and has failed his exams. He has always been a good student, but due to health reasons he has failed his 10th grade standardized exams. All of us are upset, but his stress is starting to worry me. How can I help him cope better?

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He may need to see a counselor.
Start with normalizing and providing support. Then consider a therapist. Best of luck to you both!
He should see a good child psychiatrist who actually listens to and talks with teens about their feelings and problems, or a good therapist (child psychologist, counselor, or social worker).
Ask if he wants to talk with someone and let the school know he has been sick and see if they can void the grades.
We all are not born genius. Please support him. He might have a variety of Psychiatric issues. Don't pressurise him and have him see a Psychiatrist.

Thank you.
Needs a psychiatric evaluation to determine the reasons. Sometimes it’s depression or may be an onset of more severe illnesses.
You are a caring Mother.
I understand your concern.
Have a Heart to Heart talk with your son, tell him that
• You love him
• You are there to understand his feelings, needs and stresses in his life
• Care for him to have good health,
• You want to have good Mother-Son Relationship
Then encourage him to express his feelings about family members, school, teachers and the Exam; and suggest to him to have Parent-Child meeting with school Counselor to improve his studies and grades.
That’s unfortunate and hard to deal with especially for students of good academic settings. Before helping him, family especially both parents have to accept it because most of parents reaction get transferred to kids. Then help him accept and move on to next step. Encourage him to do good later on as health permits. This is just an example of not getting what we choose to in our lives and unexpected circumstances do emerge and we only can deal with them bravely.