Surgeon Questions Hernia

What does a hernia surgery involve? What is the usual recovery period from the surgery?

I have a hernia issue and my doctor has advised a surgery. What does the surgery usually involve and how long does recovery normally take?

7 Answers

It depends on the type of hernia. A hernia repair may be done with small incisions, laparoscopically or with an open incision. The surgery is usually done within 2 to 5 hours and you may have to stay at the hospital for a day or two. Some patients may be able to go home after surgery and some may require a week stay in the hospital depending on the complexity of the surgery. It usually takes 2 to 3 weeks of recovery before returning to work. If you lift more than 10lbs at work, then you may require FMLA and be off 6 weeks.
Hernias are very common and can be fixed on an outpatient basis, either at the hospital or in a surgery center setting. the surgery itself takes about an hour and the recovery a couple of days although depending on the type and size of the hernia and the type of repair you may be asked to restrict your physical activity for a week or two.
Majority hernia repairs require a mesh and most surgeries are now done using minimally Invasive techniques. It’s usually an outpatient surgery and return to full activity should be less than a week. Avoid any heavy lifting for 4-6 weeks post op.
A hernia is a defect on abdominal wall. Surgery implies repairing. Could be done open or laparoscopic.I recommend laparoscopic.Recovery varies depending on type of hernia, size and type or repair..
Surgery for hernia repair? An overnight stay in hospital. Or, if done underr local anaesthetise home 4 hours later. Total recovery time, if you do as they will tell you to do -- 2-3 weeks.
Depends what type of hernia you have. Normally, it is a day surgery procedure.
A hernia is a hole in the tissue layers of the abdominal wall. Depending on the location, size, and complexity of the hernia, it may be repaired via an open approach with a long incision or a minimally invasive approach via multiple small incisions. The repair involves reducing the hernia sac and its contents back in the abdomen and reinforcing the hole with a piece of mesh to prevent the hernia from recurring. Typical recovery from a minimally invasive approach is about 2-4 weeks, and an open approach is about 4-8 weeks. A lot of the recovery time depends on how many symptoms you have prior to surgery and the size of the hernia itself. The location of the hernia has a bearing as well- groin hernias tend to heal faster than hernias around the belly button.