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Can high blood pressure along with kidney disease become critical?

My mother in law is 72 years and is suffering from high blood pressure and kidney disease. Her kidneys are functioning only at about 12%, according to the doctor. How critical is her position?

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Almost critical, you need a kidney doctor ASAP. To control blood pressure with kidney safe meds:

-Avoid cheese
-Avoid Motrin and its cousins
-Cut salty food
-And again, see a nephrologist ASAP
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She has stage 5 chronic kidney disease and is very close to needing dialysis for survival. She needs to decide if she will accept dialysis and choose the type of dialysis she wants. Other alternative is renal transplant which requires extensive evaluation to determine is she is a candidate for and takes a few months to complete, then if listed may take up to 7-8 yrs to receive. Last is conservative management which means she has limited survival and received symptomatic and supportive treatment.

Adriana Cano.
She needs to see a kidney failure doctor as soon as she can to start dialysis.