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I am having a lot of hip pain in pregnancy. Can a chiropractor help?

I am in my seventh month of pregnancy and I am having a lot of hip pain. Can a chiropractor help? Is it safe?

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Yes absolutely, and it is very effective for the pregnant woman and safe for the baby as well. No x-rays are recommended due to your pregnancy, so the doctor of chiropractic will test you to determine the areas of subluxation or irritated nerves, and then he would devise a corrective regime.
Yes! First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy. I specialize in pregnancy and post-partum care, so find a chiropractor who specializes in what you need. All of my techniques are very gentle and safe for you and baby. Hip, low back, and pelvic pain is very common during pregnancy and regular chiropractic care has been proven to decrease this pain, in addition to preventing pain with delivery and decreasing some complications from delivery. It can really make all the difference for your last trimester of pregnancy!
I'm sorry to hear that you are having hip pain in pregnancy. Pregnancy is difficult as it is; my wife and I just had our second baby and I can only imagine what you're going through. The answer to your question is, yes. You can get adjusted while pregnant and it is completely safe. There are specific chiropractors that only work with pregnant women to make their pregnancy easier!
Yes. Chiropractic is a safe effective way to alleviate hip pain especially in pregnancy. There are gentle techniques and comfortable methods to balance your pelvis and assist in your mobility.
Of course :) It is safe to adjust a pregnant patient all the way through the pregnancy. I will adjust my patients up to the day they deliver. This is a very common complaint that I see in my practice. Just make sure the doctor you go to is experienced in working with pregnant patients. When you call the office to make an appointment just ask the receptionist if the doctor treats pregnant patients. Their answer should let you know immediately if you have chosen the right chiropractor.
Yes it is completely safe and works wonders for pregnant patients. Search for chiropractors who specialize in prenatal care, they're awesome.
Yes! Go!
Yes, depending on the cause of the symptoms, chiropractic can help. Done correctly, there is very little to worry about when seeing a chiropractor while pregnant.
I have treated many patients who have been pregnant with lower back pain and have gotten great results.
Odds are very good. I consistently help women throughout the pregnancy and after. Hip pain is common. See a good Chiropractor and get some care. It's common to see someone weekly at this point, just to keep them balanced and pain-free.
It is not only safe but highly recommended. This is a time that your body will experience dramatic changes and keeping things in balance will benefit you and the baby throughout this process. I am certified for Maternal and Pediatric care and you may be able to find someone in your area with the same, ICPA has a directory.
Yes, getting adjusted when pregnant is safe, effective and helps improve your comfort in delivery. It is never too early or late. Look for a chiropractor who is ICPA certified chiropractor, (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association). ICPA training is advanced training for maternity and pediatrics. I wish you all the best.
Yes we treat pregnant women every day. It is safe in all stages of pregnancy.
Absolutely! Chiropractic treatment is one of the best forms of therapy one can do while pregnant. Chiropractic treatment makes for an easy pregnancy as well as labor.
Yes, Chiropractic care can help to evaluate and treat the hip pain and the changes that happen during pregnancy to your body.

Yours in health,

Dr. Christine Ingbretson
Yes, absolutely. I have worked with a number of pregnant patients to reduce back, hip and leg pain. The adjustments are gentle and safe for the mother and baby. In addition, I am certified in Active Release Technique that will help stretch the muscles and ligaments in the pelvis to get your body ready for delivery!

Kenneth Strack, DC
There are several research articles that show that chiropractic can help with low back pain, sciatica, and hip pain during pregnancy. And chiropractic is one of the safest treatments in healthcare. This is why you are seeing a push for chiropractic with today's opioid epidemic.

Chiropractic has also been shown to help make labor quicker and less painful. I would highly recommend getting a consult with a chiropractor regarding your hip pain.

Dr Shawn Ebaugh, DC
First, let's talk why you are having hip pain. There is a special hormone released when females become pregnancy called "Relaxin." Relaxin is responsible for loosening up your ligaments (especially in the pelvic area) so that the baby can squeeze through and into the world; however, this also makes you more prone to having bones shift, cause pain, and give you decreased range of motion. A chiropractor can help you through your entire pregnancy, aligning your hips, lumbar spine (low back) can have a huge benefit for you. It can make birth easier because everything is where is it supposed to be (if you're getting adjusted) and can help you ease some of that discomfort that goes along with pregnancy. All and all, chiropractic adjustments are very safe during pregnancy. I have personally seen many pregnant woman who have had lots of success, easier birthing, and less pain through their pregnancy and they contribute it to getting adjusted.

Dr. Douglas Morris
Yes! The key will be to find a chiropractor that is certified in the Webster technique.

Yes, Chiropractics can help. My table is adjustable for pregnant bellies, so you’re able to lay on your stomach comfortably. I’ve help treat and relieve pain and symptoms in many many pregnant woman. It's very safe and effective.

Dr. Amanda
Absolutely. There are no known contra-indications to chiropractic care and pregnancy. It is safe and often times more beneficial for both the health of the pregnant woman and the unborn child.
A chiropractor can absolutely help and chiropractic treatment during pregnancy is not only safe for you and your baby, but has been shown to restore pelvic balance as well as poor posture, control pregnancy symptoms, and reduce labor and delivery time.
Yes, Chiropractic Doctors are well trained in treating pregnant patients with musculoskeletal disorders.