Dentist Questions Canker Sores

Are there any home remedies to treat canker sores?

My husband keeps getting canker sores. Are there any home remedies to help with this?

6 Answers

Try adjusting toothpaste to ones with out Sodium lauryl sulfate in it. This would be a tooth paste like Biotene. Avoiding alcohol containing mouth rinses will help. The detergents like SLS remove the protective layer from the gums and some people are more susceptible to canker sores afterward. Hope that helps!
I can not think of any. The best treatment is either topical steroids, laser ablation, or decamethasone elixir.
I am not aware of any home remedies to treat those painful canker sores. I have heard that they are caused by chocolate, caffeine, nuts, and stress, but that has not been confirmed.
A good home remedy is to:

1) Brush your teeth and tongue every three hours.
2) Rinse your mouth with a liquid of baking soda (one tablespoon) diluted in lukewarm water every two hours until symptoms disappear.
3) Alternate these rinses with chamomile tea (not warm) and gargle.
It's best to use either an over-the-counter medication which contains camphor and a mild anesthetic, as it is composed in a medium which protects the tooth from bacterial contamination and the structures of the mouth from being irritated.
Swish with salt water. Avoid acidic food.