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What home treatments can I try for lower back pain?

What are the best home treatments for lower back pain? Please advise.

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Home treatment for back pain is stretching exercises. Stretch your hamstrings, gluts, hip flexors, and back muscles. Do these every day, at least twice a day.
I always suggest stretching the low back. You can use ice for 20 minutes per session. Make sure the ice pack is covered with a towel. You never want an ice pack directly on your skin. Epsom salt baths also help to decrease inflammation in the lumbar muscles. We suggest 2 cups of Epsom salt and then soaking for 20-25 minutes. Sleeping on your side with a pillow in between your knees also helps.
The biggest thing you can do at home to keep your body feeling its best is to move and eat an anti-inflammatory diet. Movement varies for different people. Those with sedentary lifestyles benefit from just committing to walking for 30 minutes/day - uninterrupted, with no electronic devices. The top 5 foods that create inflammation in our bodies are: processed sugars (anything with sugar or alternative sweeteners added), processed grains, caffeine, alcohol and reduced-fat dairy. If you can, cut these 5 things out and add in a high-quality Omega-3 supplement with both EPA and DHA in it (my favorites are Metagenics and Standard Process).

All that being said, if the bones in your spine are not moving properly, you need to see a qualified chiropractor to get the joints moving again. The above recommendations will be less effective, or not effective at all, if the joints in your spine are stuck and the nerves are not communicating properly!
Stretch your hamstring muscles and use refrigerator cold packs (not freezer temp.) right on the skin in the area of pain.
This depends on what is causing the pain, but I tell my patients to use ice, and walk at least 45 minutes per day.
RICES. Rest Ice Compress Elevate Support. Rule is thumb for acute injuries. Obviously elevation isn’t needed in low back pain treatment, but helps in extremities. Stretch and alternate ice and heat of over 3 days of pain. Hope I helped. Got your back. Dr Todd Gewant
Ice pack therapy for acute conditions, moist heat for muscle spasms and chronic pain, lower back stretches.
Once the lower back pain has been resolved of any nerve irritation by a chiropractic spinal adjustment then you must do your part at home of exercising daily specific low back exercises with some stretching and you may apply heat or cold when needed with a specific methalatim cream and avoid heavy lifting for a two week period.
Here's what you can do in order of importance: hamstring stretching and muscle strengthening - superman's and banana exercise (look up on internet); ibuprofen 600mg 3x/day; hot tub or heating pad; avoid repetitive bending at the waist and heavy lifting.

Hope it helps!!

Dr. Bose
Wall sits
Epson salt baths, knee to chest and front lunge exercises to strengthen the posterior and abdominal muscles.
Stretching regularly and strengthening core is key for managing back pain.