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Is there any medication in homeopathy for treating acidtiy and heartburn?

Lately, I have been experiencing terrible heartburn. I take antacids every time for it, but I want to try something more homeopathic. Are there any homeopathic treatments or therapies that can help me?

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The answer is yes, but don't forget that the correct homeopathic treatment is always customized for each patient. With this in mind, you need to bring your child in for a homeopathic evaluation and follow the recommendations of the homeopath. Read more here: https://www.philahomeopathy.com/home-remedies-for-acid-reflux/
Licorice root tea or capsules help with gastroreflux as does ginger tea. Stop eating spicy foods, eat light, clean, and perhaps smaller meals at set times. Don’t eat late, don’t eat till you’re full. Try to drink water, eat a bit, then go for a walk to assist things in moving down. You may need a hiatal hernia maneuver done by a chiropractic or see an ENT to get a scope of your esophagus. If it’s occurring daily for more than a month do see your doctor. Stress and coffee and alcohol will all make it worse.
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There are many natural remedies to help with your stomach acid and heartburn along with diet modifications as well.